YRC 25/9/10 Pet Buck 4th

YRC 24th August 2011 1st Guide Standard Adult
NERS 27/8/11 Best Standard 1st Stud Buck 2nd
YRC 23th July 2011 Guide Standard Adult
YRC 21th May 2011 Guide Standard Adult and all ages 2 stars


YRC  17/03/12 Marked Rex Adult 1st
Bradford Champs 28/01/12 Marked Rex Adult 1st Adult Rex 3rd Rex Challenge
YRC 14/01/12 Marked Rex Adult 1st with star and Best Rex 1st 1st Stud Buck 4th Supreme Challenge
NERS 10/12/11 Varieties Rex 4th Stud Buck 4th pets 6-12 months 4th
YRC 19/11/11 Marked Rex Adult 1s
NERS 27/8/11 Best Rex/Dumbo  3rd Stud Buck 1st

NERS 10/12/11 Pets 12-18 months 2nd
NERS 27/8/11 Best Novice  Buck Challenge 2nd Buck 12-18 months 1st
YRC 23th July 2011 Most Fragrant

YRC 19/05/12 Pets 1st Pet Buck, Reserve Best Pet
NERS  14/04/12  Pets  Over 18 months 3rd
NERS 25/2/12  Pets  12-18 months 1st
YRC 14th Jan 2012 3rd Pets
Bradford Champs 28/1/12 3rd Pet Buck
NERS 10/12/11 Varieties Self 4th Pets  12-18 months 3rd Most Relaxed
YRC 24/09/11 Pet Buck 3rd
NERS 27/8/11 Buck Challenge 4th Buck 12-18 months 1st
YRC 19/06/11 Russian Blue 3rd
YRC 21th May 2011 Russian Blue Adult 2nd Russian Challenge 4th

YRC 21th May 2011 Most Promise for the Future

Joint YRC and NFRS 27/10/12 Special Fork Lift Award
YRC 17/03/12 Pets 3rd Pet Buck special Kidnapped by the Judge
NERS 25/2/12  Pets  Under 6 months 2nd


NERS 6th October 2012 4th Agouti 4th Stud Buck
YRC 19/5/12 Stud Buck and Agouti  4th
NERS  14/04/12  Pets  6-12 months  3rd
YRC 24th August 2011 Agouti 2nd AOV 4th adult and all ages
NERS 27/8/11 4th Ticked

NERS 14/4/12  Pets  6-12 months 4th
YRC 19/5/12 Pet Buck 3rd
NERS 25/2/12  Pets  6-12 months 3rd
NERS 10/12/11 Pets under 6 months 1st also 1st in Buck Challenge

NERS 6th October 2012 Most Relaxed
YRC 14th Jan 2012 Special  Most Incontinent Rat
NERS 10/12/11 Pets under 6 months 2nd also 2nd in Buck Challenge

NERS 14/4/12  2nd Marked and 1st Roan

Joint YRC and NFRS 27/10/12 First Cinnamon
NERS 6th October 2012 NERS 6th October 2012 3rd AOV 2nd Stud Buck
NERS 14/4/12  Cinnamon 1st
Bradford Champs 28/01/12 2nd

Ziggy Stardust
NERS 14/4/12  Berkshire 1st Marked 5th

Joint YRC and NFRS 27/10/12 First Himalayan
NERS 6th October 2012 First Himalayan 1st Shaded 3rd Supreme Challenge
YRC 22th Sept 2012 Himalayan 1st 4th Shaded

YRC 22th Sept 2012 Self Dumbo Adult 2nd
NERS 6th October 2012 First Doe Under 6 months

NERS 6th October 2012 Third Doe Under 6 months

North of England Rat Society
Stillington 24th August 2011
Rory’s 3rd Rex/Dumbo Stud Buck and he won me Novice Varieties
Eustace Best Guide Standard and 2nd Stud Buck
Ramsses 1st 12-18 months 2nd Buck Challenge and won me Novice pet
Remus most relaxed 3rd buck 12 to 18 Buck Challenge 4th
Lucian 4th ticked

North Yorkshire Country Show
Entry Remus 3rd Russian Blue Self

NFRS and Yorkshire Rat Club joint show
July 2011
Entry Ramsses Pets Special Most Fragrant
Entry Eustace First Guide Standard Adult and Guide Standard Challenge

North Yorkshire Country Show
Entry Remus 3rd Russian Blue Self

Yorkshire Rat Club
May 2011

Entry Ramsses Pets 4th Place
Entry Lister Pets Unplaced
Entry Lennon Pets Most Promise for Future

Remus Second Russian Blue, Forth Russian Challenge Adult
Eustace First Guide Standard all Ages, First Guide Standard Adult

Yorkshire Rat Club
March 2011

Entry Dorian in Pets Special award Best Whiskers
Remus unplaced

Fancy Rat Enthusiasts Club
Feb 2011

Gillespie 1st Place Silver Fawn
Ramsses Pets unplaced

Yorkshire Rat Club
Jan 2011

Entry Dorian in Pets 4th Place
Ramsses in Pets unplaced

Yorkshire Rat Club
September 2010

Entry Dorian in Pets 4th Place

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