Have been updating al pages inclduing adding The Girls and updating the wins page here.

New Rats

I’ve recently lost a couple of rats Eustace and Lister have have got 4 more. Endeavour Thin White Duke (champagne capped) , Endeavour Mulder (Russian Burmese), Endeavour Doyle (Roan Agouti) and  Endeavour Frost (Roan British Blue)

New Rats

Over the last week I have had 5 new rats unfornatly last week 1 of them was killed by Ramsses in the middle of intro’s. It’s was a heart breaking night after losing my 2 Roan’s including my heart rat Dorian to lose another Roan. I felt sure I would never have another Roan.

So new rats are Bohemian Jacob, Endeavour Mockingjay (Jay), Bog Mytle Ziggy Stardust and Bog Mytle Nynuk

New Boys

I have just picked up a couple on new boys Ramkin Blake who is a Black Marten Irish and Ramkin Carter who is a Marten Roan odd eye.

Updates and New Ratties

I’ve updated The Boys page with more information and also details on Castiel and Lucian my to new boys. The awards page has also been updated another First for Eustace.

The New Boys are here

So the boys we’re picked up at the weekend although I decided Herrick didn’t suit his name and he’s now called Rory poor little thing. I’ve updated the boys page.

A picture of all 3 together.

New Ratties

Clair at Gaia Rattery has been sending me more pictures of Lister and also loading up some videos see below.

Day 9 Day 15 Day 19 Day 20

Baby Ratties

In the next couple of weeks I will be getting 3 new rats. All are from different ratteries.  One is the nephew of  Remus and Ramsses.

I’ve already picked names for them.
Lister from http://gaia-rattery.webs.com is a Black Berkshire Rex
Herrick from Bog Myrtle is a Agouti Rex
Lennon from http://www.bohemianrats.co.uk is a Black Hooded Rex

You can see some pictures of them here.